Tripunithura Municipality Notice Board


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  • Tripunithura municipality has published 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) Related Documents. Click for further details.
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  • Click here for getting the latest voters list of Kerala. The official official site of the Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala has updated the list viewing the forthcoming 2011 Assembly Elections in Kerala.
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10 responses to “Tripunithura Municipality Notice Board”

  1. Nimisha says :

    Staff of Municipality office, especially those deling with the public, need to be a little more service minded. If the office time is from 9.30 to 5, staff in the ground floor dealing with public services like information rendering, application receipts, issue of certificates etc.. mainly, should adhere to the time striclty and not disappoint the public by closig their operations at 4 PM instead of 5 PM.
    Do you know how much hardship it causes to the poor public?
    Please show a little bit of sincerety and service mind so that people will not abhor your lethargic way of working.

  2. Chitra says :

    I too would like to place my “great appreciation” on the “royal manner” in which two lady staff of the municipality office of Tripunithura behaved to me while i went for the Re survey application submission. When I told them let me just show this application to that sir, they replied in an abusive and ill mannered way “yes yes show show”… Their body language and the way they spoke and their mannerisms when they said this comment, spoke volumes on their culture. Those two ladies here in chudidhar..
    Dear Muncipal Chairman, please do impart some knowledge on behavioral modes to your lady staff.

  3. Chitra says :

    Staff at Tripunithura Municipality needs awareness classes on behavorial patterns, and dedication to work.
    Gone are the days of royalty when everything was in order.
    Why not try to bring back that old culture and preserve it?
    Let us thus keep alive the memories of those bygone royal order.

    • aneesh says :

      hi, in every govt. department people behavior like this manor. They all change their behavior .and be quite polite to public.

  4. WilliamYsDq says :

    Intresting story here.
    Bla bla bla,
    Mda mda mddas dasd sada sdasd.
    http:/tesdd – Xekkar

  5. Kabeer says :

    The only solution to the hardship meted out to general public is to amalgamate the MUNICIPALITY with COCHIN CORPORATION . CORPORATION’S attitude towards public has changed a lot. THRIPUNITHURA municipality can take initiative to pass a resolution in this regard . It was just a resolution by Mattanchery municipality that resulted in the formation of CORPORATION OF COCHIN in 1967. Now it is the turn of our municipality to proceed the process in our maximum utilisation . Crores of funds will be made available by the Union Government under various schemes for a highly populated as well as progressing with a detailed plan and global positioning area of the COCHIN METROPOLITAN COUNCIL.

    It is for the Thripunithura Communality to bell the rat……………………………………..

    • M.T.Varghese says :

      It is high time to amalgamate Thripunithura municipality as well as Maradu and Thrikkaakkara with Kochi Corporation since huge funding for development activities are expected as opined by Mr. Kabeer.

  6. Doudoune moncler says :

    That is several inspiring stuff. Couldn’t know that opinions may be this different. We appreciate you every one of the enthusiasm to offer this kind of helpful pointers here.

  7. sabarinath says :

    advance deposit in layam c block building is very high.The basic requirements needed a shopping complex is not there.The only consideration of the municipality is to collect the huge rent and tax at right time.

  8. Harikrishnan says :

    I need to get a Birth Certificate for my new baby girl from Thripunithura municipality. I am not sure of the formalities. Have done the following so far.
    – Filled and submitted a form ( forgot the form name), at the hospital Akshaya kiosk, before getting discharged from hospital post delivery.
    – In this form, name of the new born was not filled in.
    – As per my understanding , hospital will forward this form to the municipality and i need to request for a birth certificate at the municipality, once they receive this form from the hospital.
    – While requesting for birth certificate at the municipality, name of the new born should be provided.

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